Where to buy And where to find


1. Abstracts and free sample articles

In accordance with Eleven's policy, access to abstracts and keywords through our website is available to all users free of charge. We also provide a free access to a selection of (open access) articles from all Yearbook volumes. All editorials, book reviews and conference reports are also available for free.


2. Online first

Starting with Vol. 8 (2020) of the Hungarian Yearbook, Eleven introduced 'Online First', which means that all the accepted and finalized contributions of the Hungarian Yearbook are available online (in pdf) for subscribers before the printed version is published. 'Online First' means that as soon as the editorial process is completed, all the articles of the current volume will be available online. The expected date of publication of the 'Online First' volume is September, while the printed version of the Hungarian Yearbook is expected to be published a bit later (in October). The newly published 'Online First' articles can always be found on our homepage and on ElevenJournals, where a 'pay per article' service is also available.


3. Purchasing a volume

Interested in buying a complete volume? You can order all Volumes of the Hungarian Yearbook (in print or digital form) from 2013 onwards directly from Eleven's online store. The Hungarian Yearbooks are available from these distributors. 


4. Pay per article

Eleven has made the entire archive of the Hungarian Yearbook (from 2013) available on its online journal platform. Each article is available can be purchased for € 17,95 (excluding VAT). Online subscription is available for both individuals and institutions. Please visit the website or contact Eleven’s customer service at info@elevenpub.com, for more information.


5. Access through HeinOnline

The Hungarian Yearbook is also available via HeinOnline, with a 2-year embargo on newly published volumes. 


Last updated: 9 September 2023


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