The very first 'Online First' volume of the Hungarian Yearbook is out


In close cooperation with our publisher, Eleven International Publishing, we proudly announce that from Vol. 8 (2020) of the Hungarian Yearbook, we are launching the newly introduced 'Online First' service, meaning that all the accepted and finalized contributions are available online (in pdf) for subscribers before the printed version is out. The newly published 'Online First' version of Vol. 8 (2020) can be found at our homepage and at the website of Eleven Journals, where 'pay per article' service is also provided.

'Online First' means that as soon as the editing process (including peer review, author’s proofing, proofreading, formatting, author’s confirmation) is finalized, the individual articles can be released to the publisher who will then make them available online within a couple of days. The upside to this process is that the period between submitting the article and publishing will be shortened (approx. 3 months), so that authors do not have to wait several months for their contributions to be published. 'Online First' allows us to publish highly topical research outcomes with no delay, and without having to compromise on the quality of our editing process. From the beginning of Vol. 9 (2021), the expected date of release of the 'Online First' volume is June.

Of course, 'Online First' service does not replace the print version of the Yearbook, which will be published in due course at the end of each respective year.



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